maandag 2 oktober 2017

Z Running Shoes ... Part 6 ... Encouragement, Birthday and Trees

Good morning followers of my blog 'Running shoes'. I have not been jogging for a couple of weeks now. But this morning I jogged again.

This is what I meant in one of my previous blogs when I talked about this: "And for me somtimes holding on to my faith can be easier than keeping up running" 

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor encouragement Just because you aren't making progress as fast as you think you should doesn't mean you aren't making progress. Keep going 
Every now and then, I need some encouragement to continue jogging, because I do not want to give up so soon

It was my birthday yesterday and it was nice.
And of course I bought too much food, so we did not have a hot meal because we had enough snacks. All kinds of vegetables, carrot, cucumber, celery, bell peppers and tomato with mozzerella and basil with dip sauce, nuts, cheese, sausage, egg salad, home made (by my mother), chips, and self-made cheese pie (the Dutch kind, not the American kind).

So I had some calories yesterday. So I thought ok I really should go jogging ​​again haha. But my weight has not become much more, but I have to think of the colestorol, so I have to watch wat I eat.

When I was jogging this morning, I was looking at the trees, they are so beautiful with the colors of autumn and the wind blowing really very beautiful. But if you look closely at the trees, you must know that there is a God, really so many kinds of trees and so beautiful, I love the trees, God made them good, and He also made you and me good, The Bible says so, when God made man, He said, "It's good." So you are well made.

I want to wish you a blessed day and look up to the trees ... God bless you 

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