maandag 17 juli 2017

Z Running Shoes ... Part 3 ... Endurance

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor running in the rain

Here is part 3 of Running Shoes

About a week ago, I went to go jogging for teh second time.

I was reddy to go, when my husband said: 'If I where you I would wait for a bit, because rain is comming'. I said: 'but it's dry outside'. 'How do you know rain is comming'? 'Well honey, I looked on weatherradar (buienradar), and it's comming any minute now'

So I thought, what shall I do, shall I go or not? Hmm, okay I will stay inside until the rain go's away. 

Of course I could not sit still and do nothing and just wait until the rain has stoped, so I went Knitting and finshed making a nice handbag.
The rain had stoped so finaly ... I went jogging, and I just had reached the mainroad ... crossed it, ... oeps the rain came douw again. 
First soft then harder ... so I ran in sted of joged to go find shelter under a bridge. It was poring down with thunder and lightning, so I couldn't go further without getting soaking wet, and stayed under the bridge.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rain

Standing under the bridge waiting for the rain to stop again, I did some other workout, almost like in a arobic class, people who road bij or looked out the window of their house or car might have thought that I was crazy...

Then it was raining soft again, so I thought ... now is my chance to go and jog, and there I went. And this time I was running... so that I would be back home faster. 

I almost made it home without a wet suit, ... I arrived at the house, and saw my bike still outside, just as I wanted to put the bike in the shed ... there came the rain shower... and I was wet wet wet... :(

That was my second time of jogging. 

Gerelateerde afbeeldingI found this teskt in the Bible ... : "Let Us Run With Endurance The Race That Is Set Befor Us" This is good for me to practice...  In this vers it talks about holding on to your faith, and for me somtimes holding on to my faith can be easier than keeping up running ...So this will be a challenge ... 
I might need some engouragement later on
End of story... Oh but there will be a next time...

God bless you

zaterdag 15 juli 2017

C Eten ... Gevulde courgette uit de oven

 Een Cougette doormidden snijden en het vruchtvlees eruit schrapen

Het vruchtvlees samen met 2 eetlepels cremefraisch en 5 blaadjes salie (fijn snijden) mengen

Dan het mengsel verdelen in de twee helften

Vervolgens pijnboompitten erop strooien en geraspte kaas erover en dan in de oven laten garen ongeveer 20 minuten (weet het niet helemaal zeker)

En dan heb je een heerlijke vegetarische gerecht voor 2 persoonen

Dit gerecht heb ik van een vrouw gekregen die tijdens Westerwolderijgt bij mijn zusje en zwager keramiek ten toonstelde, dus dank ik haar voor dit gerecht 

Bedankt :) Sidona

H Mooie Bloemen ... Stookrozen in de stad Groningen

H Mooie Bloemen ... Divers


Kleine Putunia

Vetplantje ben even de naam kwijt maar de 
meesten kennen hem wel denk ik

Hele mooie struik met witte bloemetjes, weet ik ook helaas geen naam van 

Een mooie geranium soort met schattige kleine rose bloemetjes


En Ridderspoor blauw, deze vind ik heel mooi gewoon koninklijk 

Z Running Shoes ... Part 2 ... My motivation

Hello Dear Blog readers,
Here is part 2 of Running Shoes.

Z Running Shoes ... All Part, click here

My Motivation

Acualy I dont have a goal with Jogging ... 

well I might have one or two ...  

at this moment I'm not practicing any sports, so that is a reason to go jogging, and my weight can be a reason to ... My weight is now 88kg/194 pounds ... so that is a verry good reason to go jogging ;) Not that I have a problem with it ... but I DONT want to go over 90kg/198 pounds ... and of course doing any sports is good for your health... 

I am also a Christian and The Bible says that you need to take care of your body to ... This is also a good reason for me to go jogging :)

But ... I didn't start jogging because of the reasons above ...  I just began to jog because I felt like it ... 

My dad, who lives in Canada, is a runner ... and he often would ask my sister and me ... When wil you join me in a marathon... Well dad not jet ... and dont know if or when that wil be ... I think that, for me, this is a BIG step already.

Next time I'm going to tell you about my jogging in the rain ...

I hope you wil enjoy reading my blogs and maybe I can inspire someone else to with this blog :)

Have a blessed and fun day today  

donderdag 13 juli 2017

Z Running Shoes ... Part 1 .. Why this blog?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor running shoes

Starting a new blog and calling it 'running shoes'.
Because I just bought a new paer of running shoes. 

Well, I like to walk outside, with my husband or with a friend or allone.
My husband and I have juist moved to a new neighbourhood in our city, it is a nice and quiet and green neighbourhood. We have some friends that also live in this part of the city. So now I can walk to there house. One morning I met with a friend and we went walking togethere. But I didn't have good shoes to walk a langer distance. 

Well I thought to my self  'I need good shoes to walk with', and went to a sports shop in our city and asked for good shoes to walk with in the city. Shoes that I can use for a long time, and that are good for my feet.

So I bought a new paer of shoes.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor perry sport sportschoenen asics

Then I used them to walk to the same friend to visit her for coffee. They where actually runnig shoes, and they felt so lite on my feet, that it almost felt natural to run, but I took it slow and started to jog in a verry slow tempo and it worked... I was so happy and thought ... Wauw this is neet, I'm going to try this more often...

And because I am new to this, running or jogging that I decided to start a blog about my running adventures
So that's Why this new blog... 

My Englisch grammar is not that good, so please forgive me if you see spelling mistakes in my blogs.

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