maandag 17 juli 2017

Z Running Shoes ... Part 3 ... Endurance

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor running in the rain

Here is part 3 of Running Shoes

About a week ago, I went to go jogging for teh second time.

I was reddy to go, when my husband said: 'If I where you I would wait for a bit, because rain is comming'. I said: 'but it's dry outside'. 'How do you know rain is comming'? 'Well honey, I looked on weatherradar (buienradar), and it's comming any minute now'

So I thought, what shall I do, shall I go or not? Hmm, okay I will stay inside until the rain go's away. 

Of course I could not sit still and do nothing and just wait until the rain has stoped, so I went Knitting and finshed making a nice handbag.
The rain had stoped so finaly ... I went jogging, and I just had reached the mainroad ... crossed it, ... oeps the rain came douw again. 
First soft then harder ... so I ran in sted of joged to go find shelter under a bridge. It was poring down with thunder and lightning, so I couldn't go further without getting soaking wet, and stayed under the bridge.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rain

Standing under the bridge waiting for the rain to stop again, I did some other workout, almost like in a arobic class, people who road bij or looked out the window of their house or car might have thought that I was crazy...

Then it was raining soft again, so I thought ... now is my chance to go and jog, and there I went. And this time I was running... so that I would be back home faster. 

I almost made it home without a wet suit, ... I arrived at the house, and saw my bike still outside, just as I wanted to put the bike in the shed ... there came the rain shower... and I was wet wet wet... :(

That was my second time of jogging. 

Gerelateerde afbeeldingI found this teskt in the Bible ... : "Let Us Run With Endurance The Race That Is Set Befor Us" This is good for me to practice...  In this vers it talks about holding on to your faith, and for me somtimes holding on to my faith can be easier than keeping up running ...So this will be a challenge ... 
I might need some engouragement later on
End of story... Oh but there will be a next time...

God bless you

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